The Commerce Insurance Company
Citation Insurance Company

211 Main Street, Webster, Massachusetts 01570 (508) 943-9000
Members of the Commerce Insurance Group, Inc.

We make it easy to do business for you and your staff.

.Commerce is constantly looking for ways that will make it easier for you to place business with us. We understand that it pays to work smarter and have always welcomed your ideas and suggestions, as we know that you, the independent agent, are the expert. Some of the ways we make it easy to do business with us are:

. Accepting other companies’ Declaration Pages as applications in many cases.

. Assisting you in moving a book of business to Commerce, via tape-to-tape transfer. This requires little, if any, additional work for you and your staff.

. Downloading automobile and homeowners policy information to the major Agency Management Systems.

. Providing you cutting edge agency interface and inquiry capabilities including Claims Inquiry, Direct Bill Inquiry, Paid at Agency, and Collaborative Edge.

. Having toll free lines, to dedicated fax machines, to handle endorsement requests.

. Offering both on site and agency location technical training and support.

. Enrolling agents into the "blind" CheckPoint Pre-inspection Program, so that you can better serve your customer by performing pre-inspections at your agency.


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